Fun, authentic, simple and trustworthy - Erasmus+ project with focus on the use of ICT.

Our great group in Lublin, Croatia and Denmark


October 2018

How do we place us in the forefront of the ICT technology and ensure an ongoing dialogue around this? We all have small ICT committees that continuously evaluate and plan in relation to our project.

This month we describe for each other which experiences and focus areas we have had in the exciting work of the project. The starting point for this project is that at the end of the project we have a precise (but also continuously adjustable) attitude towards how we want ICT to be used and utilized best in a didactic context. Our theoretical point of view is still Blooms Digital Taxonomy and 21st century skills in this process, but many other theories may also be useful.

To be able to visualize and explain experiences for each other we have gathered our description in a single document. Read more on this page ..


September 2018

We started our second year of this great cooperation with a successful meeting in the great city Lublin in Poland. Our colleagues had planned an incredibly exciting program with both time for planning, evaluation, class visits and general discussion, but also time to learn about the country's school system, enjoy the beautiful and exciting city and hinterland and Poland's exciting culture. We have added pictures from our great meeting in Poland in the Gallery section.


In our first task this new school year we focus on the complex world today that requires self-assessment thinking from teachers who continuously are able to focus on their professional responsibility, their work and their ongoing learning. It is necessary for each individual teacher to follow his/her own work and to incorporate feedback from pupils and colleagues to develop and improve his/her results.

Self-evaluation also supports teachers' ability to function in a 21st century workplace, where it is expected that you work with minimal supervision, plan your own work, design your own products and incorporate feedback to improve the products. Read more about our results on this page.



June 2018

Our focus this month has been to try how to ensure the roles of our school in relation with the changes that the work with ICT is constantly undergoing? With help of experience from our project until now, we have worked with how to adjust school ICT plans, compared them and used each other's plans as inspirations. The plans will of course be continuously improved.

As an example of a Technology Enhanced Learning roadmap (TEL) for school digital culture we have used a roadmap designed by another Erasmus+ project but very suitable in our cooperation. For simplicity of presentation the Roadmap is displayed with five separate questions/levels - one for each area of focus. Read about our results on this page.


May 2018

We had a great meeting in Croatia from the 22nd to the 26th of May in Nin in Croatia. Our colleagues had arranged a very fine program: We participated in a very nice gathering with all school pupils, teachers and many parents. The school's pupils performed for us, there was song, dance and pupils playing different instruments, we were present during lessons and most of all - we had time for discussing our cooperation for the next period. We had both breakfast and lunch at the school and tried different delicious local dishes like peka with squid and black risotto. We also had time for cultural and social activities and it was great spending time with both new colleagues and people we already knew from our first meeting. Please have a look at pictures from our meeting in our gallery.

A very important thing we discussed during our meeting was the results from our evaluation survey. It very clearly shows that our cooperation has an obvious impact on our use of ICT during lessons and comes with constructive suggestions for improving our cooperation. Have a look at the results right here

We also had time to get an in-depth introduction to all the exciting opportunities for collaboration through eTwinning. Our host first led us through all the basic features and then we made sure everyone was also connected via eTwinning. One of our future areas of cooperation this autumn will be about eTwinning and testing og all of the opportunities it offers.

On this page it will be possible to go into depth with the exciting introductions.

April 2018

Developing the use of ICT as a teacher requires individual focus, good cooperative relations, courage, desire and a theoretical understanding and approach. But in addition to the personal and individual approach, the school's overall objectives and framework setting are essential. Without overall goals and benchmarking, it is likely that the desire and need for development will end in a dead end.

Therefore, in our exciting FAST collaboration in April 2018, we have been working on describing our individual school plans for incorporating ICT into teaching in our individual countries. Some of the plans build on the plans we already have, and other plans are almost completely rewritten.


March 2018

In March as inspiration we have worked on our results from last autumn. In october we shared information of the ICT software we use in each country. In March we tried to use either a well known software as described in October or a software we got to know from the inspiration we shared.

Once again we got inspired from Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy and each teacher chose which levels to focus on. Special focus this month was which options the chosen software offers in relation to self-learning so that the pupil is challenged optimally in relation to the zone of proximal development.

Have a look at all the different descriptions right here


February 2018

It is now the last winter month in the first year with our exciting and evolving FAST cooperation. The focus this month has been online cross-border cooperation. We have divided our group into two major groups (Slovenia, Poland and Denmark + Norway and Croatia) and both groups have chosen to make online projects with the exciting and easily accessible online portal Padlet.com. One group chose to cooperate across the highly current Olympic Games.

Take a look at the great results from this month's collaboration

January 2018

A new year has started and we are ready for the next challenge in our fine and creative cooperation. This month our focus is what might be the right ICT equipment and the big question if we can ensure forward? Focus has been on the different digital platforms we are using and exchange of experience with eg iPads, Chromebooks and PC's.

Have a look at our thoughtsk and all the different results and experiences

December 2017

December is not only Christmas: We are also working continuous on our great project and doing our best and improving in being fun, authentic, simple and trustworthy in our teaching.

This month our fokus has been: We use our results from October to focus on guidance and feedback to the individual pupil in order to make well customized learning. We use web2 elements like Google Docs/Microsoft 365

Have a look at our great work and all the different results and experiences

November 2017

It already November....

....and our great cooperations continues. This month our focus is:

Introductory courses on digital imaging: We set up a list of what digital imaging means to the pupils: Private use, the tone, study tools etc. They scale their own digital competence from 1-10.

We compare results and use them forward.

Have a look at our great work and all the different results and experiences

October 2017

First result is now ready!

In October 2017 we discussed and shared information and facts about how to make teaching more exciting and varied when using ICT? We shared the ICT software we use and also shared advantages and disadvantages of each software.

The sharing of this knowledge will from now on act as a basis for future activities.

Please have a look at our work right here


Year ONE


Right here you will soon be able to read about all of our good results from October 2017 - June 2018

Year TWO


Right here you will soon be able to read about all of our good results from September 2018 - June 2019



Right here you will soon be able to read about all of our good results from September 2019 - February 2020

What is this project about?

The possibilities to plan and carry out good educational and well-planned teaching is continually getting better and for the group members in this context it is very important to focus on the use of ICT.

The use of ICT in education is also developing rapidly and both software and hardware is continuously evolving and opportunities, which technically seemed impossible just a few years ago, are now easily accessible to all. In our Erasmus+ group we greet this development very welcome but are also very aware that in order to explore its opportunities in a good and constructive way iIt is necessary to immerse ourselves and create routines, so that the teacher is continuously able to adapt, when development occurs rapidly. By the support of ICT we also believe that is is possible to develop innovation and entrepreneurship in all subjects.

We will therefore in this project both dive into routines but also help and inspire our colleagues across Europe so it is not the main thesis that a teacher must master an ICT application before it can be used in teaching. We will challenge ourselves and each other to focus on that many students enjoy and are used to a playful and experimental approach to ICT and this is also an excellent opportunity for us as teachers.

For us it is very important that our project takes place across national borders in EU and on this page you will be able to read all of our results and get inspired to use some of the results in your own teaching.


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